Open Learning Initiative 2018


My name is Susan Thomas and I am from Northeast Missouri. I am an Instructional Designer at a beautiful, public liberal arts college – Truman State University.

Before working in higher education, I was an Instructional Designer and Instructor in the corporate sector for over 15 years. Prior to that, I was a teacher in the public school system. I hold a Masters of Science in Education, with a specialization in Instructional Design for Online Learning from Capella University in Minneapolis, MN.

I have experience designing a wide variety of courses, including Instructor-Led, Hybrid, Blended, and both synchronous and asynchronous online courses.  As part of that process, I recommend Open Learning Resources, and I am very interested in all the Open Learning Initiative has to offer!


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8 thoughts on “Open Learning Initiative 2018

  1. Thanks, Steven! Looking forward to learning from and with you as well! What a great immersive learning initiative!

  2. Hi Susan! I am a research and user experience librarian at a small liberal arts university in Virginia and think your background and experience is very interesting! I also cannot wait to hear your ideas in this learning environment!

  3. Thanks, Sue! Looking forward to learning a lot from this cMooc! I’m already engaged and eager to learn more!

  4. Thanks, Sherry! I, too, am interested in your perspective as a research and user experience librarian! My office is in our library, and I work closely with our subject librarians, whom I’ve invited to join us. I always appreciate their experience, and am sure you will be able to contribute many ideas as well!

  5. Hi Carrie,

    I love the title of your blog! I am lucky enough to get to work in our library with our subject librarians. 🙂 Looking forward to learning with and from you! –Susan

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